At Lee Chapel we are Passionate about Reading

At Lee Chapel we believe that fluency in reading opens up a world of possibilities and starts children on their journey of reading for enjoyment and growth, as well as providing them with the skills to access the curriculum. Our commitment to reading starts from the moment they step through the door of their very first class room in reception.


As well as following the Jolly Phonics scheme, which can be found here ( from reception through to Year One and Two, we also implement a reading book banding scheme, whereby the children are nurtured and have plenty of opportunities to read in school and practise their skills. As the children progress, the books become increasingly challenging, yet achievable, given their personal effort and support at school and home.

Reading diaries are provided for every child at Lee Chapel at the start of each new academic year. These act as record to track the number of times the children are reading per week, as well as the amount of books read. This record is also used to record weekly spellings and is utilised as a way of liaising between home and school regarding reading and spellings, in order to fully support our children.

Reading Champions in Year One

Children in Year 1 develop their early reading skills in a daily thirty minute Reading Champions session. In small groups and led by a member of staff, children read a new book every day, answer comprehension questions as well as take part in fun activities.


Reading Buddies in Year Two

To continue our commitment to our home / school partnership, on a weekly basis we welcome volunteers from the local community, as well as family members of pupils, in to the school to partake in our ‘Reading Buddies’ scheme. Whereby children of all abilities have the opportunity to share a story with an adult.


Our commitment to reading continues across the juniors; the reading diaries are still in use as well as the reading book banding scheme. However, in KS2 our goal is to make the children confident and independent readers, in order for them to be able to access any book or text – making them ‘free readers’. This means that the children will have completed the banded book scheme and will progress on to selecting a book from a wide range of texts and genres available in each class’ book corner and school library. Children are encouraged to read both fiction and non-fiction texts in order to expand their understanding and vocabulary.


Book Corners

To enrich the reading environment and encourage all children, including reluctant readers, to pick up a book and read, every class’ book corner is transformed in to a fantasy world linked to the year group’s current topic. Books are displayed and children are able to write reviews for peers from a child’s perspective.

Reading Challenge Across the Juniors

Twice weekly, every child has the opportunity to share a text with a group of children and an adult. This provides the children with a group reading opportunity and is completed in a ‘reciprocal reading’ manner; each child being given the role of either a clarifier, summariser, questioner or predictor. This enables children to gain multiple skills, in a supportive and motivating small group environment, as well as fostering their love of reading.

As you can see, at Lee Chapel we are passionate about reading; if you are too, why not volunteer and become one of our reading buddies?