Research & Develop

“A researching school is an improving school "

Lee Chapel Academy Trust Teaching School Alliance recognises the importance of being at the forefront of educational research. We were at our inception predominantly focused on Hargreaves ‘Creating a self-improving school system’. The main driver being to improve provision and outcomes for pupils by identifying (through research) what would be the most effective way to harness the talent already in our schools to more effectively teach Basildon’s pupils. Schools across the Alliance have embraced collaboration as a means of improving provision and outcomes for pupils and the target for the coming year is to embed and extend these improvements. The main focus this year will be to continue to identify and develop our most talented teachers (through mentoring and coaching) and to encourage creative entrepreneurship and disciplined innovation with regards to teaching and learning which is continually evaluated to measure the impact on pupil’s progress and standards of attainment. The impact of all of this is a heightened quality of experience for the students at the schools where innovation becomes common place.

Our Teaching School Alliance is also actively engaged in three major national research projects outlined below.

Mr I Hampshire

Research and Development Lead


How Can Leaders Lead Successful Teaching School Alliances Which Enable the Development of Consistently Great Pedagogy?
This was a joint practice development project which was carried out amongst the schools in our Alliance. To find out more about the focus and its impact please follow this link:

Lee Chapel Most Able Research 2013-2014

Developing an Inspiring and Relevant Curriculum which Promotes Outstanding Outcomes and Ensures that All Groups of Learners Aspire and Strive to Improve on Their Preceding Best
This project was carried out alongside other schools in our Alliance and resulted in an up-to-date relevant Curriculum which has captured the pupils’ imagination and resulted in improved outcomes across the board.  Please see Curriculum Page for examples and overview:

Developing & Inspiring a relevant curriculum

Closing The gap (Test and Learn)
This project is testing school and classroom approaches to improving pupil attainment. It is developing teachers’ skills in rigorous quantitative research methods. We have tested two interventions so far:

Inference training
Inference training helps students make meaning as they read. This involves learning vocabulary, using their background knowledge, making inferences and building up meaning. It helps weak readers to get the full message from the text, making reading more enjoyable for them. In each session students: consider their prior knowledge; define and elaborate on words; ask questions; fill in a missing sentence; create images of their reading; and summarise and predict.

The Numicon approach is built on the work of Catherine Stern, using multi disciplinary/ multi-sensory, using apparatus and focusing on Action, Imagery and Conversation. The programme of activities with Numicon Shapes and rods helps children understand number relationships, spot patterns and make generalisations. The Numicon Shapes and rods help teachers and children to communicate their ideas. Children are encouraged to work together on activities which emphasise applying understanding to solve problems. It is helpful to all pupils and particularly beneficial to those with short term learning problems.