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Lee Chapel Primary School

Nominated as Essex School team of the year 2021

English - Reading



What is the English Reading Vision at Lee Chapel?

Simply, the teaching of reading and writing is at the very core of everything at Lee Chapel. As such we strive for excellence because of the importance of the subject at school and beyond. 

Our whole school target:

Every child to leave Lee Chapel as a confident reader


We believe that reading is a key life skill and as such we aim to instil a love of reading in our pupils through carefully selected texts in lessons as well as in class libraries; children are guided by staff to help them select the most appropriate texts for their ability and personality! We aim to provide a balance between reading for pleasure and comprehension success. When sharing their chosen book, staff will ask the children effective questions to ensure they fully understand each text and are able to articulate what they have read. Every child at Lee Chapel should not only leave being able to confidently and competently read, write and speak aloud but to also love doing so.


  • Systematic teaching of synthetic phonics from Reception to Year 2
  • From Year 1 to Year 6 - 1 hour per week - Big Read lessons
  • From Year 3 to Year 6 – 15 minutes 3 times per week – Just Read (an opportunity to read for fun)
  • From Year 1 to 6 - Dedicated Reading Comprehension lesson each week within the English teaching timeline
  • Whole school Reading Doorway challenge – an expectation for 6 carefully chosen books to be experienced and read from Nursery to Year 6
  • Teachers as readers. Show how much they love reading.
  • 100 Book Challenge- Year 6.
  • Class Reading Books.
  • World Book Week – an annual event inviting inspiring authors to visit the children



Our reading matrix is used to measure and assess progress in reading across the whole school. In addition, termly formal assessments and continued teacher assessments of each child’s progress (Reading assessment grids) is measured to ensure that Every child will leave Lee Chapel as a confident reader.


Mr W. Kingston

English Reading Lead