“ Clear and measurable

impact on your

children’s outcomes ”

“ Coaching tailored to

your teaching needs ”

“This has had a real impact on my teaching

"Lots of quick wins”

"Visible impact on your teachers

standards and


Partnership Programme

"A bespoke course tailored to your needs..."

At Lee Chapel, we offer an in-depth teaching course consisting of 3 half day sessions over four weeks. Training is provided on site at Lee Chapel followed by a series of 3 bespoke coaching sessions at your school. Our programme content includes; Pace, Productivity, Standards, Starters, Presence, AFL, Planning, Differentiation and more…

We aim to demonstrate clear and measurable impact on your children's outcomes with opportunities to team teach in your own classes. Our Specialist Leaders of Education (SLE) provide lots of quick wins to create a visible impact on teachers, standards and expectations.

                                              £275, includes access to all teaching school resources

Contact Ben Figg - Assistant Head Teacher for more details

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