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Lee Chapel Primary School

Nominated as Essex School team of the year 2021

Learning Support Assistants

Whilst many of our learning support assistants work across a Key Stage, below are their class bases.

Foundation Stage

Class 1

Miss Smith

Mrs Harland

Class 2

Mrs Lewis

 Miss Onlsow

Class 3

Mrs Wicks

Mrs Carmichael

Miss J. Shepley

Class 4

Mrs Holmes

Miss Davidson

Year 1

Class 5

Mrs Hogan

Miss Tidy-Jones


Class 6

Mrs Houghton



Class 7

Miss Norton

Class 8

Miss Conroy

Year 2

Class 9

Mrs Coleby

Miss Lowman

Class 10

Miss L. Shepley

Mrs Burr

Class 11

Mrs Smith

Class 12

Mrs Scott

Year 3

Class 13

Mrs Thomson

Mrs Cox

Class 14

Miss Powell

Class 15

Mrs Herbert

Class 16

Mrs Sareen


Year 4

Class 17

Mrs D. Wheeler

Class 18

Miss Bailey

Class 19

 Mrs Hartwell

Class 20

 Mrs Winger

Year 5

Class 21

Mr Long

Class 22

Mr Bridgeman

Class 23

Mrs Hartwell

Class 24

Miss Sissons

Mr Winger

Year 6
Class 25 
Miss Wyatt

Class 26

Mrs Sharma

Class 27

Mrs Wheeler

Class 28

Mrs Hill