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Lee Chapel Primary School

Modern Foreign Languages - Spanish


What is the vision of Spanish at Lee Chapel?



Our vision at Lee Chapel Primary School is for all KS2 children to develop speaking, listening and reading skills in Spanish as they progress through KS2. They will also have opportunities to learn about cultural differences including food, music, currency and the alphabet.



At Lee Chapel, our expectations for Spanish:

  • Spanish to taught 30 minutes minimum per week
  • An annual assembly for the children to take part in a “Spanish Lottery” at the end of the academic year.


All KS2 children are to complete two termly pieces of work in their MFL books:

  1. Initial vocabulary bank tailored to the children’s learning within the unit.
  2. Contextual written work using the vocabulary bank to scaffold their learning.


In addition to the above we also have displays within the dinner hall that teach children how to order their lunches in Spanish, allowing for extra opportunities outside of the lesson to test their knowledge.



The Spanish curriculum at Lee Chapel has been designed to not only ensure children have a greater understanding of the Spanish language, but to also:

  • Improve their confidence, self-esteem and provide a sense of achievement.
  • Improve their ability to grasp and utilize additional languages.
  • Develop a greater appreciation for learning new languages and cultural differences.
  • Improve their memory in phonics and their ability to recognise patterns in language.
  • Provide them with basic level understanding of a language which they can explore further when they visit Spanish speaking countries.


David Cook

MFL Spanish Subject Leader