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Lee Chapel Primary School

"This school believes in finding the magic in every child."
"Education at this school is truly exceptional"
Ofsted: Outstanding


What is the vision of Music at Lee Chapel?


Our vision at Lee Chapel Primary School is for all children to develop a greater understanding and appreciation of music. Children will not only learn about the inter-related dimensions and different genres of music, they will also learn how to read music and play different instruments.



At Lee Chapel, our expectations for Music:

  • For all children to understand the inter-related dimensions of music
  • For all children to gain a better understanding and appreciation of the different genres of music and history.
  • Year 2 Children to be introduced and taught how to play Untuned Percussion
  • Year 3 Children to be introduced and taught how to play Glockenspiels & Boomwhackers
  • Year 4 Children to be introduced and taught how to play Djembe Drum
  • Year 5 Children to be introduced and taught how to play Ukulele


In addition to the above we also have Music Week, which is an opportunity for the children in each year group to learn about a different artist and/or genre of music over the course of the week. On the last day of Music Week, the children dress up in the style of their artist/genre and each year group performs a song they have learnt from their artist/genre with a live band. We also use “Composer of the Week” to introduce and teach all children about different composers throughout history and their contribution to music



The music curriculum at Lee Chapel has been designed to not only ensure Children have a greater appreciation and understanding of all aspects of music, but to also:

  • Improve their confidence, communication, self-esteem and provide a sense of achievement.
  • Improve their creativity, curiosity, imagination, emotional development and empathy.
  • Improve memory, pattern recognition, language and reasoning via the use of music and songs.
  • Provide a fun, enjoyable experience which gives the children a chance to relax and recharge, so that they are more engaged in other lessons.


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