Outstanding Results

We were delighted to receive the letter below, congratulating Lee Chapel on our excellent results. Showing that we are :

1) In the top quartile at KS1 in all three measures and, outcomes are above the Essex average for combined reading, writing and maths at KS2 

2) In the top quartile at KS2 in all three attainment measures (reading, writing and maths) 

3) Improved in KS2 attainment since last year and there are positive average progress scores in all 3 areas and the progress scores are above the Essex average. 

4) The percentage of children meeting the required level at Phonics at the end of Year 1 is above the national average and your school is in the top quartile for performance for this measure. 

Well done Lee Chapel staff and pupils!

Letter of Congratulations 2019 results.