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Lee Chapel Primary School

Nominated as Essex School team of the year 2021


'Every child to leave Lee Chapel as a confident reader'

At Lee Chapel we believe that fluency in reading opens up a world of possibilities and starts children on their journey of reading for enjoyment and growth, as well as providing them with the skills to access the curriculum.

Our commitment to reading starts from the moment they step through the door of their very first class room in reception. As a result we have developed a structured approach to the way we assign home reading books. Each child will be coached and encouraged to move through 3 coloured bands each year (please see below). Each of these bands represents a wide range of genres that will covering the breadth of age appropriate texts. In order to effectively ‘track’ the children’s progress clearly, they will be assigned a colour according to their current reading level. Every time a child is heard reading by an adult they will ask a range of skill-based questions. Based on the child’s response a corresponding (skill based) sticker will be awarded in their Reading Record. 

Reading diaries are provided for every child at Lee Chapel at the start of each new academic year. These act as record to track the number of times the children are reading per week, as well as the amount of books read. This record is also used to record weekly spellings and is utilised as a way of liaising between home and school regarding reading and spellings, in order to fully support our children.

Reading band structure

Book Corners

To enrich the reading environment and encourage all children, including reluctant readers, to pick up a book and read, every class’ book corner is transformed in to a fantasy world linked to the year group’s current topic.

Books are displayed and children are able to write reviews for peers from a child’s perspective.

Big Read Year 1 - Year 6

Across the school we have Big Read, a weekly guided comprehension hour.

In Years 1-5 this takes the form of a different genre each week, with prepared questions covering a range of strategies including retrieval and inference. In Year 6, each class works with a classic text each term; allowing all pupils regardless of ability to access a huge range of vocabulary.

As you can see, at Lee Chapel we are passionate about reading; if you are too, why not volunteer and become one of our reading buddies?

Reading Doorway

Each year the children will be challenged to read six new and exciting suggested books from school from the class Reading Doorway library.

Once a book has been completed the children are then be awarded a sticker in their Reading Doorway Booklet as a record.There are 6 books to read each year and we have challenged the children to read all 42 of them during their time at Lee Chapel. Doing so will improve their understanding of a wide range of narratives, story structure and most importantly foster a love of reading.

Reading Doorway Booklet

Just Read

Just Read 'a fun, exciting new addition to the day- Just Read is a daily session for Years 3-6, where children have 1 short piece of text all week. Children do a range of engaging activities that are based around Echo and Choral reading. Just Read is designed to promote a love of reading and give extra confidence to those who finding reading a challenge.