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Lee Chapel Primary School

"This school believes in finding the magic in every child."
"Education at this school is truly exceptional"
Ofsted: Outstanding


What is the vision of Science at Lee Chapel? 

Through an exciting, hands on approach, children develop a sense of awe and wonder about the world around them. They will build a deeper understanding of Science and the scientific method which allows them to confidently engage in the world they live in.  



It is our aim to instil a lifelong passion for science within each pupil who attends Lee Chapel Primary School. We believe that the set of skills we develop through science are essential for many areas of life. Through deliberate planning of a rich and varied range of scientific experiences the children are led to develop their scientific knowledge and understanding of the scientific method. Children will understand how scientific discoveries have affected the world and how it continues to play an important part in everyday life. 



To ensure the highest quality of science teaching, the school is proactive in ensuring teachers have strong subject knowledge and all the resources required to deliver a broad and engaging curriculum.  


  • Every infant class to allocate at least an hour a week to Science. 
  • Every junior class to allocate at least 90 minutes a week to Science 
  • Foundation Stage colleagues interweave knowledge and understanding of the world into every aspect of their curriculum. 


Recording of work is designed to consolidate the core principles of science in a wide variety of ways. 



Children enjoy Science and are enthusiastic about scientific activities and their work demonstrates the broad curriculum we offer. There is clear progression in the understanding of core scientific ideas and the scientific method through children’s books. Standards of Science at the end of each year and key stage are good as is progression between end of key stages. SLT and governors are kept up to date with any issues that are identified by staff or progression and action plans are implemented to address these. 


Director of STEM Subjects 


Science Knowledge Progression Map

Science Skills Progression Map