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Lee Chapel Primary School

Nominated as Essex School team of the year 2021


Mr B. Proctor (SLE)
Drama and Public Speaking lead
Mrs H. Mckechnie (SLE)
Director of Computing 
Years 4-6 SEN Lead
Website and Social Media Co-ordinator
Miss S. Brierley (SLE)
ITT Co-Director
EYFS Strategic Lead
Mr D. Ellis (SLE)
Director of Maths
Teaching for Mastery
Miss G. Savage (SLE)
Statutory ECT Lead
Miss C. Twydell (SLE)
ECT Coach & ITT Observations and feedback
Mr D. Lowry 
Maths Leadership, Accelerated Learning and Mastery Lead
Greater Depth, Gifted & Talented Lead
Miss H. Vanderputt
Handwriting and Presentation Standards Lead

Mr M. Yeldham

Music Subject Leader

Mrs D. Denyer

Set Teacher, 'Big Read' Support

Mrs J. Crisp

Computing Curriculum Lead and ICT Technician

Mrs L. Tucker

KS2 Big Write Teacher

Mrs D Clark

Art Instructor, Display Technician.

 Mrs L. Hill

English & Maths Instructor.

Mrs J. Parsons

English and Maths Learning Supervisor Year 1 and 2 Learning Supervisor

Mr M. Arnold

British Values Lead

International Links 

Mr S. Hyams

Sports Instructor

PE  & Clubs Support

Sports Calendar 


Mr B. Winger 

Sports Instructor

Mr G. Leonard & Miss F. Leigh-Hudson

Swimming Instructors