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Lee Chapel Primary School

"This school believes in finding the magic in every child."
"Education at this school is truly exceptional"
Ofsted: Outstanding

 Non Class Based Teachers and Instructors

Mr A. Summerfield

Sports Instructor






Mrs L. Hill

Learning Supervisor

Mrs H. Sharma


Mrs C. Spencer







Mr G. Leonard &

Miss F. Leigh-Hudson

Swimming Instructors



Mrs D. Denyer

Set Teacher

Year 3 'Big Read'


Mrs D. Clark

Art Faculty Lead 


Mrs J. Crisp

Computing Learning Supervisor

Computing Faculty Team

ICT Technician


Mr S. Hyams

Sports Instructor

PE Lead

Extra-Curricular Support


Mr B. Winger 

Sports Instructor



Mr B. Proctor (SLE)
Drama and Public
Speaking Lead

Mrs S. Bickerton


Phonics Lead

Educational Visits Co-ordinator


Mr D. Lowry 
Maths Leadership, Accelerated Learning and Mastery Lead
Greater Depth, Gifted & Talented Lead






Mr M. Yeldham

Music Subject Leader

MAT Arts Council

Mrs J. Leonard

KS1 'Big Write' Teacher