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Lee Chapel Primary School

"This school believes in finding the magic in every child."
"Education at this school is truly exceptional"
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What is the English Writing Vision at Lee Chapel?

The teaching of writing is at the very core of everything at Lee Chapel. As such we strive for excellence because of the importance of the subject at school and beyond. We see the potential for every pupil to be able to make good to outstanding progress with their writing by the time they leave us at the end of Key Stage 2. 



At Lee Chapel, we aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum for English with a focus on a variety of text types - both modern and classic - as well as film clips and other mediums. These rich, quality stimuli are used as inspiration for writing as well as providing the best opportunities to broaden and improve children’s understanding of vocabulary. Every child at Lee Chapel should not only leave being able to confidently and competently read, write and speak aloud but to also love doing so.

Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling:

Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling throughout the school is vital to ensuring that our pupils leave with a solid understanding of how to use English within the correct context, both orally and in written forms. At Lee Chapel, we teach our pupils the core skills explicitly weekly within English lessons that will then feed into their writing throughout that week’s writing sessions so that every child is able to confidently understand and apply the key concepts of writing.


Handwriting is a key skill for all our pupils to use and develop fluency throughout the school. Handwriting is taught explicitly with teachers modelling how to use the correct strokes, joins ascenders and descenders. We use the Nelson Handwriting format that allows pupils to learn the fundamentals and importance of handwriting and the develop their own neat and joined style.



At Lee Chapel, our expectations for English Writing are:

  • Whole school teaching of English 1 hour per day – this is inclusive of opportunities for the teaching of reading, writing in a range of different styles and genres, weekly Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling, opportunities for speaking and listening, and dedicated sessions for handwriting
  • Wondrous Words – applying the teaching of vocabulary to the classroom by selecting and using a range of exciting language in our writing from the books used within our English sessions.
  • From Year 1 to Year 6 - 1 hour per week - Big Write lessons



Termly formal assessments and continued teacher assessments of each pupil’s progress is measured. Pupils develop, apply and extend writing skills year on year making links between different genres, features and language so that progression throughout their time at Lee Chapel is thorough and precise. With this embedded assessment our pupils are able to accomplish a rounded understanding of English enabling them to apply their skills to their future endeavours.


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Writing Progression Map

Grammar Progression Map